Medium (6 in. Blade) Made in Alaska

 All of the ulu's listed on this page are made in Alaska and are of the highest quality. The blades are made of 440 US stainless steel and are very sharp right out of the box. As you can see, we also sell sharpeners, as you are likely going to use your ulu a lot. The handles are made of either Alaskan birch wood or American walnut and are made to last when cared for properly, see use and care instructions enclosed with product. Any etchings are rendered by Alaska native artists then laser etched onto handle/blade. The knives shown on this page are of two varieties: the Umialik (open blade) and the Yupik (closed blade) and are used by the tribes of northern Alaska. The Umialik (oo-me-alick), a word used to describe the boss or leader of their group, it is also known as “the mighty and powerful ulu”. The Yupik style is also called “the women’s knife” as it was used for cutting thick arctic clothing. They all come with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and are delivered quickly right to your door!


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